Back to School Night 2021 Video

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    Welcome Spartans and Spartan families to the 2021-22 school year! I am very excited to welcome students back to cmpus this year, I am llokling forweard to an engaging and fun schoiol year filled with learning! Let's all work together to make this an amazing year. Please review some of my basic information provided on this page.




    Period 0 - College Prep/Seminar 

    Period 1 - Math 7 

    Period 3 - Prep 

    Period 4 - Math 8

    Period 5 - Math 7 

    Period 6 - math 6  

    Contact Information

    Call/Text: (714) 485-9915

    email: james.nadalet@sausdlearns.net or james.nadalet@sausd.us