Lathrop Technology Magnet School
    "The power of knowledge through education.”
    -Francis Bacon
       Educating high achieving and gifted students
    Lathrop GATE Site Coordinator- MaryAlice Madden
     The teachers in this program have been and continue to be trained in the most current teaching strategies which will meet the needs of the students.

    Teachers Learn:

    • How to accommodate the needs of gifted students within the expectations of the currently defined standards– based curriculum and proficiency benchmarks.


    • How to prepare students for standardized tests as well as advanced forms of assessment.

    Program Description

     The Honors/GATE program is for exceptionally bright students.  The students are grouped with others of similar abilities and interests.

    group of students

     The curriculum is the same as for all students, but it is differentiated or modified to make it appropriate for their specific needs.  The pace is accelerated to provide more time for independent and creative learning.  The students are challenged by enabling them to venture further, deeper and more elaborately into the area of study.  They are engaged in comprehensive understanding of the areas under study by being asked to make connections, relationships,and associations with concepts.


     At Lathrop we strive:

    · To create rich and differentiated experiences in curricular learning that accommodate different areas of unique talent

    · To provide a nurturing environment for critical and creative thinking

    · To challenge students through rigorous academics to reach high expectations and individual potential

    · To provide opportunities where deeper and more complex academic and personal success is achieved

    · To involve parents in the education of their gifted student


    •  Lathrop students will develop creative expression and individual talents.

    · Lathrop students are confident in their ability to experience success and accept responsibility for their actions and achievements.

    · Lathrop students are committed to achieve academic excellence.

    · Lathrop students are college-bound scholars.

    · Lathrop students show respect for themselves and others.

     “A different way of learning is what kids are calling for.  All of them  are talking about how our one-size-fits all delivery system which mandates that everyone learn the same thing  at the same time, no matter what their individual learning needs, has failed them."
    Sarason, 1993



    The information on this page is available as a brochure to download or print on the Printable GATE Materials page
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