COURSE:                               Physical Education (grade 6-8)


    TEACHER:                            Mr. Vaughan


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:   Providing quality daily physical education for all students.


    ATTENDANCE POLICY:    Students missing class are required to have their parent/guardian excuse their absence with the front office.  Student loses their participation points if their absence is not excused.


    MAKE-UP POLICY:             Missing work must be turned in before the end of the grading period.   It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for any make-up work.


    GRADES:                               Grades are based on the following:  participation, skills and fitness tests, and written assignments/projects.


    UNIFORMS:                          Students need to purchase Lathrop PE uniforms from the front office.  Used PE uniforms will be sold in the locker room.  Students who do not bring their PE uniform will be required to participate in their school uniform and will be given a 15 minute detention.


    LOCKERS:                            All students will be assigned a small locker for their PE clothes and shoes.   DO NOT move from this locker or share with others.  Large lockers may be used during the PE period only, for storage of backpacks and school clothes.  At the end of the period all large lockers must be vacated.  ANY LOCKS LEFT ON A BIG LOCKER WILL BE CUT OFF!


    MEDICAL EXCUSES:         Students need to bring a note from home to be excused from activity.  For excuses lasting more than 3 days, a doctor’s note is required.


    ROLL CALL:                         All students are required to be seated on their assigned roll call number within 6 minutes of the tardy bell.  Students not seated on roll call numbers will be marked tardy.  It is the student’s responsibility to let the teacher know of their presence if they were marked absent.  NO HANDBALLS or other personal equipment is permitted before or during class.


    LOCKER ROOM:                 Only PE clothes, athletic shoes, deodorant or lotions are allowed in lockers.  NO GLASS!  No school books may be left in the lockers.  Students will not be allowed to retrieve their belongings after the PE period.  NO FOOD  allowed in the locker room.  All locker room rules must be obeyed.  NO YELLING or SHOUTING!