Grade Breakdown

    * Practice / Participation                                 65%

    * Fitness / Skills                                                25%

    * Written Assignments                                    10%
    Non Suit Policy
    * Students that are not dressed in PE clothes are still expected to participate in their school uniform.
    * Student is issued a 15 minute detention that is to be served on the following Tuesday.
    * Failure to serve the assigned detention will result in a loss of daily participation points (-5pts.) 


     Daily Point Breakdown
    * Daily Participation  = 5pts.
    * Unexcused Tardy (must be on assigned roll number when roll is taken)  = -2pts.
    * Not participating in the warm-up lap or stretching exercises  = -1pt.
    * Gum Chewing  = -1pt.
    * Profanity or Name Calling  = -1pt.
    * Non-Participation  = -5pts.
    * Non-Suit  = -5pts.
    * Partial non-suit (missing part of the P.E. uniform:  shirt, socks, or tennis shoes)  = -2pts
       Sweat shirts are only allowed on days permitted by PE teachers.  (cold weather)
       Hoods are not to be worn during class time!!
    * Unexcused absence  = -5pts.
    * Excused absence from the attendance office  = +5pts.
    Grading for Run Times
    First time recorded will be graded based on the expectations of the “Healthy Fitness Zones”, from the California Fitness Gram.  Each run after, student will be graded on how he/she improves on her fastest time.
    A = run time is within 30 seconds of fastest time.
    B = run time is within 1 minute of fastest time.
    C = run time is within 1 minute and 30 seconds of fastest time.
    D = run time is within 2 minutes of fastest time.
    F =  run time is over 2 minutes slower than fastest time.

    *Walkers do not earn a grade for their run, they earn a non-participation (-5pts) and will have to make it up on make mile run days.