COURSE:                        6-8 Physical Education


    TEACHER:                        Ms. Marinelli


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:        Provide quality, daily, physical education experiences for all 



    ATTENDANCE POLICY:        Students are required to attend class daily and on time.  

    Unexcused absences will result in loss of daily participation points. 


    MAKE-UP POLICY:                Missing work can be made up and turned in 2 weeks before the 

    end of the grading period.  


    ATTIRE/PE UNIFORM:          PE uniforms consist of black athletic shorts and grey t-shirts and

     are required for physical education. Students are expected to

     wear athletic type shoes during PE as well.


    MEDICAL EXCUSES:             Students with a note from a parent/guardian excusing them from 

    participating in physical activity are required to bring the note to

    school describing the medical issue that is preventing them from 

    participating in class activities.  After 3 days, students are required to bring a note from a medical doctor excusing them from participation in physical activity.


    GRADES:                               Students are graded on the following:

    Participation and Engagement (participating in class activities):


    Performance (mile runs and 10 point laps): 25%

    Homework/Classwork: 20%