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    Welcome! To Mr. Raya's Web Page

    Office Phone: (714) 567-3300

     Email: Paul.Raya@sausd.us or Paul.Raya@sausdlearns.net

    Due to the Covid-19 health advisory Lathrop is closed.  However, I am available remotely, for students and families, via Google Hangouts, Instagram and SignUpGenius. 

    Beginning March 18, my office hours will be will be Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 3:300 PM or as needed until 7:00 PM.  To schedule an appointment via Google Hangout, the link below will navigate you to SignUpGenius were you can sign-up for an appointment.  You can also follow Ms. Fosado and I on our  Instagram page at dreamteam_lathropcounseling.   

    Please remain calm and stay safe during this unprecedented time.The Lathrop Bear

    Dodger Infield

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