• School Textbook Accountability Procedures

    Distribution Process – Secondary


    Textbook Check Out

    • Books checked out first two weeks of school directly to students. 
    • Each student is responsible for his/her own books.
      • Students keep all textbooks covered.
      • Students put their names inside the front covers of all textbooks in ink.
    • If student drops a class, the textbook is returned immediately

    Textbook Return

    • Students turn in all textbooks to designated staff at the end of the school year.
      • Senior clearance, finals
      • Turn in by class or by individual student
    • Students charged for any damage to the book that is more than normal wear and tear.
    • Students will pay full price plus 20% for lost books. (The surcharge pays for shipping, processing, and sales tax costs.)


    Textbook Damage Fines

    Description                                         Fine

    Missing barcode                                    $5.00

    Damage to cover                                   $5.00

    Writing in ink (minor)                            $5.00

    Writing with marker (repairable)          50% cost of book

    Excessive writing (repairable)                50% cost of book

    Damage to binding (repairable)            50% cost of book

    Graffiti/Tagging (unusable)                    Cost of the book + 20%

    Water damage (unusable)                     Cost of the book + 20%

    Lost book                                                 Cost of the book + 20%


    Lost or Damaged Textbook Payment Procedures


    New/Returning Students

    • Students (including incoming 6th and 9th graders) will be required to return overdue textbooks from the previous school year or make payment arrangements with administration.



    • Registrars and others work with designated staff to ensure students have returned or paid for textbooks owed to one site before transferring to another school.
    • If students transfer from one school to another owing textbooks, site staff can collect the books owed to the other site and return the books through district mail.  



    • If a student or parent wishes to pay for lost books, they are allowed to do so at any site. Sites will issue a district receipt for payments.
    • Irrespective of which site issued a textbook, money paid for a lost textbook is abated to the lost book account at the school where the money is collected.
    • Partial payments are acceptable.



    • Refunds for found books will be honored for students enrolled at school where the book was lost.



    • Destiny software maintains student records of lost, damaged, or overdue textbooks. Designated staff can access this data and generate reports, overdue notices, and letters to parents.
    • Automated textbook overdue notices are mailed home to parents at designated times during the school year using the address information in Destiny.


    Distribution Process - Class Sets



    • Textbooks are checked out directly to teachers by designated staff for one full school year.



    • A class set inventory list is generated by designated staff annually and given to the teacher.
    • Teachers check their class set textbooks against the list and report losses to the principal before inventory is renewed for the following school year.
    • Teachers are not charged for lost or damaged textbooks.


    Change of Assignment/Textbook Adoption

    • Books are returned to designated staff when teaching assignments are changed or new book adoptions replace existing textbooks.