• Chromebook Information Page


    Chromebook Repair / Replacement Costs

    -          Lost/Stolen/Missing Charger                    $20

    -          Lost/Stolen/Missing Sleeve                      $10

    -          Damaged Screen                                       $40

    -          Damaged Keyboard                                  $40 [HP G5] $50 [HP G6] $55 [HP G7] 

    -          Damaged Bezel                                         $20 [HP G6] $27 [HP G7] $25 [HP G5] 

    -          Damaged Top Cover                                $30 [HP G6] $27 [HP G7] $30 [HP G5] 

    -          Damaged Bottom Cover                          $27 [HP G5] $30 [HP G6] $38 [HP G7]

    -          Lost/Stolen/Missing Chromebook         $250

    *  Please contact Mr. Torres for any questions regarding chromebook fines.


    -   Allows you to have internet access at home.

    -   Pick up a permission form in the Learning Center. After your parents fill it out, you may borrow a Hotspot for two weeks.

    -   If you need to keep your Hotspot longer, please ask a librarian to renew it and extend your time.

    -   If you lose the HotSpot, you will be responsible for the cost of its replacement.

    Chromebook Insurance
    If you would like to purchase Chromebook insurance, there are several options available here: SAUSD Mobile Device Insurance
    Annual insurance plans cover devices over the summer months.
    For assistance with insurance options, please contact Ms. Ramirez.
    Commonly asked questions:

    Q:   I lost my charger; can I get a new one?

    A: If you lost a charger, you will have to pay the replacement cost of $25 to get another one.

    Q:    My Chromebook is damaged, what do I do?

    A:   If your Chromebook is damaged, please bring it to the Learning Center so it can be repaired. Depending on the damage, you will have to pay a fine.

    You will also receive a Chromebook to borrow while yours is being fixed.

    Q:    How do I get a Loaner Chromebook?

    A:  If you need a a one-day loaner, you can pick one up at the Learning Center.
    You may only check out 5 loaners per semester, so be sure to use them wisely! 


    Our friendly computer tech team will help you with any problems or questions you have regarding your Chromebook.


    Computer Techs:

    Mr. Torres