•  Library Policies


    Library/Learning Center Rules

    • The Library/Learning Center is a food and drinks free zone. 
    • Water bottles or bottles with a cap are okay. 
    • Please push in the chairs when leaving a table. 
    • Always use earbuds/headphones for cellphones, gaming devices, or Chromebooks. 

    Board Game Check Out/Gamestation

    • Games may not leave the Learning Center.  
    • If you want to borrow a game, please ask Mr.Romero or Mr.Thomas.
    • Students are responsible for returning all game items when they are done playing. 
    • Students may suggest new games for purchase at any time- we want to know what you want to play. 
    • Rough play or damaging a game may result in a loss of game privileges. 

     Check Out 

    • Students may check out up to 3 library books at a time, but it may be extended for students who are admant on reading. 
    • Books may be borrowed for 2 weeks. 
    • If you would like to keep your book for longer, please ask Mr.Romero 

     What does it mean to put a book "On Hold"? 

    • If a book you want is currently checked out by someone else, ask one of your librarians to put it on hold for you. 
    • This means when the book you want comes back, you will be next in line to check it out! 
    • You can put up to 3 books on hold. 

     Lost or Damaged Books

    • Students are responsible for reporting lost or damaged books to librarians. 
    • Lost books must be paid for by the end of the school year.
    • Damaged books will be assessed based on the extent of the damage. 
    • All payments must be made with the office manager. 
    • Small payments can be made over time if necessary.