8th Grade Science Syllabus

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    Ms. Phillips


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  • Ms. Phillips’ 8th Grade Science Syllabus

    Course Objectives

    Welcome to 8th grade Science! In 8th Grade Science, scholars explore the cross-cutting concepts of force and motion and cause & effect, while learning about the history of Earth and life on earth from the clues we can uncover in rock layers and the fossil record and what human activities harm or help Earth’s biodiversity. We will be doing many activities that will help us explore and ask questions about the world around us, as well as be active in making good changes. I am very excited to be working with you.

    Course Goal

    By the end of this course you will have gained a basic understanding of how to think and ask questions like scientists working in the real world. There will be many different opportunities to engage and demonstrate your ability and knowledge of life science through activities that we will explore together as a class.

    Course Materials

    2” Binder with a section divider for science

    Charged Chromebook

    Binder paper



    *If a student is caught destroying or defacing any of the class supplies or materials, you will be responsible for replacing the item.


    Science Class includes Labs. There will be NO FOOD or DRINK allowed in the classroom at any time (water is okay). Students must use lab and safety equipment properly as directed by the teacher or they will lose lab privileges.

    Late Assignments

    Late Work will be accepted with a point deduction depending on how late the assignment is. If your student is absent, they have the same number of days they were out to make up the work. If there is a special case, your student can come talk to me about the situation.

    Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism is using someone else’s work or ideas without their permission, without their knowledge, or without giving them credit. Cheating is getting or giving someone else answers. During many in-class assignments you will work with other students but are responsible for recording your own ideas and work. If you do research for an assignment, you must put what you learn into your own words. All students who are caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero on that assignment.

    Evaluation Criteria Method of Evaluation Grading

    Evaluation Criteria

    Method of Evaluation



    Quizzes, common assessments, written/oral presentations, projects, and laboratory reports.


    Student work

    Classwork, class activities and homework



    Class participation/discussions


    Units of Study

    1.    Engineering

    2.    Earth’s Place in the Universe

    3.    Motion and Stability

    4.    Energy and Waves

    5.    Heredity

    6.    Biological Evolution

    Classroom Management Policy



    x Student in seat and working on daily warm up activity by the time the bell rings

    1.     Verbal Warning

    x Respect is shown for teacher, self, and classmates

    2.     Parent Contact

    x Materials are brought to class daily

    3.     Referral to counselor and/or assistant principal

    x Student behaves in a way that helps self and others learn

    4.     Suspension from class and/or school

    x 10-10 Rule is followed-No student is allowed outside of class for the first or last 10 minutes of class

    Contact Information

    I am available to meet with students and/or parents before and after school and during second period. Email contact: nicole.phillips@sausd.us if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss any questions or concerns. You can also check your child's grades through Lathrop's website portal to the district's web site: https://www.sausd.us/lathrop