• Spirit Award

    Computing, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – C-STEM

    Spurgeon Technology students participated in the annual UC Davis C- STEM Day RoboPlay Robotics Competition with two division 1 teams, Team Robo-Coders and Team Cougar Coders.  Though a combination of hard work, tenacity, and child-like genius, these amazing students were able to complete three challenges: #1 for 20 points, #3 for 35 points, and #9 for 100 points! Both teams broke 100 and out of a field of 15 SoCal teams, Team Robo-Coders tied for 10th place with 155 points, and Team Cougar Coders placed 13th with 105 points. ‬‬‬ Best of all, Team Robo-Coders was awarded the C-STEM Spirit Trophy by the judges.

    The RoboPlay Challenge Competition is designed for K-14 students to showcase their real-world problem solving skills in a competitive environment and broaden student participation in computing, science technology, engineering, and math  - C-STEM!

    The competition challenges students to creatively use modular robots, LinkBots and accessories to complete various tasks and solve unexpected problems. The competition arena and specific challenge is kept secret until the day of the competition. Using math, programming, and problem solving skills, students compete to get the highest score for each of nine challenges.

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