• Steven Ramirez
    Century High School
    Room 319

    Period 1    Prep Period 
    Period 2    Art of Graphic Design I  
    Period 3    Art of Graphic Design I  
    Period 4    Spyder Lab
    Period 5    Art of Graphic Design I
    Period 6    Art of Graphic Design I 

    Career Pathways

    Media and Design Arts 
    Performing Arts 
    Production and Managerial Arts 

    Of all the career industries, the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction and development because the work in this sector has a propensity to be largely project-based, requiring uniquely independent work and self-management career skills. New technological developments are also constantly reshaping the boundaries and skill sets of many arts career pathways. Consequently, core arts sector occupations demand constantly varying combinations of artistic imagination, metaphoric representation, symbolic connections, and technical skills. 

    Successful career preparation involves both in-depth and broad academic preparation as well as the cultivation of such intangible assets as flexibility, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills. Careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector fall in three general pathways: Media and Design Arts, Performing Arts, and Production and Managerial Arts. The foundation and pathway standards make explicit the appropriate knowledge, skills, and practical experience students should have to pursue their chosen profession through whatever course of post-secondary, collegiate, and graduate training or apprenticeship it may require. 

    Learning the skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and exhibiting works of art promotes teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities, all traits needed to function successfully in the competitive and media-rich twenty-first century. Through the manipulation of sight, sound, and motion, those choosing a pathway from this sector reach out in unique ways to enhance the quality of life for those around them.



Last Modified on August 11, 2022