• University of California/Cal State Universities

    UC a-g Approved CTE Courses

    CTE Courses a-g Designation
     Accounting with QuickBooks g
     Advanced Art of TV and Video Production f
     Advanced Culinary and Restaurant Management g
     Advanced Dental Assistant g
     Advanced Medical Assistant -- Clinical g
     Aerospace Engineering g
     AP Computer Science Principles c & d
     Application of Business Technology g
     Art of Animation I f
     Art of Digital Photography f
     Art of Digital Photography II g
     Art of Graphic Design  f
     Art of TV and Video Production f
     Auto MLR I g
     Auto MLR II g
     Auto MLR III g
     Biotechnical Engineering (PLTW-BE) g
     Business Economics & Finance g
     Business Law g
     Careers in Education g
     Child Development  g
     Computer Science and Software Engineering (PLTW-CSE) g
     Criminal Justice  g
     Culinary and Restaurant Management I g
     Culinary Arts g
     Dental Assistant  g
     Engineering Design f
     Engineering & Design I g
     Engineering Design & Development (PLTW-EDD) g
     Exploring Computer Science g
     Fashion Design and Merchandising g
     Foundations of Law g
     Human Body System (PLTW) d
     Hospital Occupations Internship g
     Information and Communication Technology - Software and Systems Development Professional Internship g
     Introduction to Engineering and Design (PLTW-IED) d
     Law and Order g
     Medical Assistant  g
     Medical Assistant - Administrative Front Office g
     Medical Core g
     Medical Interventions (PLTW-MI) d
     Principles of Engineering (PLTW-POE) d
     Principles of the Biomedical Science (PLTW-PBS) d
     Sports Medicine g

Last Modified on October 26, 2021