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    This course is designed to reinforce prior training and skills that the student learned in Automotive and Transportation Technology I & II. The student will take these skills and develop them further by applying them in a business development plan along with developing further their essential employability and marketing skills. Instruction will be given in shop safety and correct tool usage. The instructor will establish and maintain a tool inventory, and students will be responsible for adhering to appropriate checkout procedures for equipment used during class.

    Classroom lecture and hands-on practice in a lab will be the core of this class along with on-the-job training at a local transportation related business. The student will be able to match skills taught in the classroom to their internship site and learn how to further develop their skills as they apply to the transportation industry
    Articulated: No

    UC "a-g" approved: No
    Offered at school:
    • Santa Ana High School
    • Valley High School
Last Modified on September 15, 2018