• Course name:
    The Art of Graphic Design II (UC)
    Course Description
    Building on the skills learned in The Art of Graphic Design I, students will develop 2D and 3D visual communications of increasing sophistication and complexity. They will learn to critically observe their visual environment, solve design problems, and influence behavior through the use of graphic art. Through directed projects, they will explore the relationship of graphic imagery to the cultural, political, and psychological dynamics of information exchange. Students will understand, through their own research, the contributors, innovations, and breakthrough technologies that have shaped graphic art in the 20th century. Emphasis will be placed on the development of written reflections and critiques in a journal and the development of high-quality graphic art images for their portfolio and presentation.
    Articulated: No

    UC "a-g" approved: Yes
    Offer at school:
    • Century High School
    • Santa Ana High School
    • Segerstrom High School
    • Valley High School
Last Modified on March 5, 2017