• Education, Child Development, and Family Services

     Offered at: Segerstrom

    Career Pathways


    Child Development
    Consumer Services 
    Family and Human Services


    The Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector is composed of four career pathways: Child Development, Consumer Services, Education, and Family and Human Services. The high staffing needs and growing emphasis on improving education will create exciting career opportunities in those fields. The Child Development Pathway provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in child care and related fields, and the Education Pathway emphasizes the preparation of students to become teachers.

    The Consumer Services Pathway gives students the employment and management skills needed in careers helping consumers. Students pursuing careers in the Family and Human Services Pathway learn the skills they need for careers related to family and social services. The standards are designed to integrate academic and career technical concepts. The components of the pathways support classroom and laboratory instruction or provide supervised, work-based learning experiences and leadership development.
    Child Development Pathway 
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