Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Andy Warhol                                         1, 2, 4, 6

     DFRSB                                                 6/8-6/12


    Essential Question/Concept?

    What can I do to make my picture(s) look like an Andy Warhol painting?


    6/8/15  Today, we will color in a set of pictures/symbols in a similar fashion to Andy Warhol.
    6/9/15  Today, I can finish my Andy Warhol inspired creation.  If I have extra time, I look through my folder for late/incomplete work.
    6/10/15  Today, I turn in my Andy Warhol inspired creation with any late work (at the end of the period).  Any late work must be in by Friday before Ms. golden leaves. [Saturday is good too]
    6/11/15  I can work on one of three things.
    1.  paragraphs to be turned in
    2. African Masks for extra credit
    3. Origami (if I don't need extra credit & my paragraphs are turned in)
    6/12/15  [For your journal entry today, draw a rectangle and triangle inside a circle...turn in your journal at the end of the class period]
    [Have a wonderful weekend... hope to see some of you tomorrow for the WIN program!]

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