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  • Griselda Maldonado, Principal




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    Welcome back! In just a few days we will welcome our students back to another amazing year of learning at Romero-Cruz Academy. I know that the start of this year is different from other years but just because it is different doesn't mean it can't be amazing! I encourage and challenge you to think about this year as a year of opportunity, creativity and growth.

    Here are a few tips for parents as we all prepare for our children to return to school. The long and lazy summer days are slowly behind us. In order for our children to be ready to participate in learning, we need to help them return to a schedule that was similar to what they experienced when they were physically on campus at RCA. 
    • Bedtime routine: Starting today, begin asking your child to prepare for bed no later than 9:00pm. Slowly, throughout the week, start the bed time routine earlier. 
    • Use of electronics: Video games, phones and televisions will need to be gradually limited as we near the first day of school. It is best to begin setting the expectations now so that they are set into a routine in a week's time. 
    • Preparation of learning devices: All learning will be online and our staff has been reaching out to all parents to make sure everyone has access to a device and internet. Please check your device, charger and internet connection before August 17th. If you are experiencing any issues, please call us immediately. 
    • Learning space:  Begin thinking about where your child will study during the school day. Don't forget, some kids learn best laying on the carpet, others like to sit at the dining room table. Take some time to talk to your child about what his/her preferences are. 

    Norms for our students while learning at home
    1. In order for our teachers to actively engage with our students, we ask that all students keep their video on and the microphone on mute.
    2. Students should start their day at least 45 minutes before the school day starts.

    Daily schedules for each grade level and teacher will be available on our website. All instruction for Romero-Cruz Academy will be held using google classroom. Our teachers returned to work today and they are eager to connect with you! Our staff will continue to connect with you to ensure you know what to expect before the first day of school.

    I know that these are challenging and uncertain times, but our commitment to your children and to your families has not changed. We stand ready to serve you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office staff or directly to me with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Griselda Maldonado
    Principal, Romero-Cruz Academy
    Main office number: 714-480-2200
    Email address: griselda.maldonado@sausd.us
    follow me on Instagram: romerocruzcougars

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