• Spurgeon's Technology Vision Statement

    At Spurgeon Intermediate School, “technology is standard practice” with students and staff continually learning to use new technologies to address content standards, achieve technology proficiency, and inspire lifelong inquiry.

    Spurgeon Technology Resources

    All students and staff members have access to:
    • 3 Computer Labs
    • 1-1 Chromebooks for students
    • Wireless access throughout the campus
    • MacBook Pros for Journalism
    • Video & photo editing equipment available for classroom use
    • MacBook laptops for each teacher
    • SmartBoards in every classroom
    • LCD projectors in every classroom
    • Document "digital overhead" cameras in every classroom


    Teacher technology tools for curriculum and classroom management

    • Teacher laptops for lesson planning and classroom management
    • Online parent communication software (Teleparent)
    • Online student academic data management (Data Director)
    • Teacher web pages
    • Academic department web pages
    • Technology training at Spurgeon, SAUSD district site & OCDE


Last Modified on February 8, 2019