• Warranty

    Most new Chromebooks have a 1-3 year warranty. Follow these guidelines to insure your student chromebooks are working to their full potential. Rule of thumb, if you are not sure, stop by Tech Room (next to computer lab D).    

    • Warranty covers internal hardware failure: Hardrive failure, trackpad not wroking smoothly, keys not functioning correctly
    • Warranty does not cover external Hardware: Broken screen, keyboards, bezel, etc
    • The most common damage on Chromebooks are keys and broken screens, so please use best classroom management practices
    • Contact Mr. Diaz for troubleshooting 


    Mobile Device Insurance 

    Insurance is avalilable through U-PIC Insurance Services LLC, one of the largest and best established parcel insurance providers in the United States. To complete the insurance application you will need to have the following:

    • Address, Phone Number, Email Address
    • Student Name, School Name
    • Device Type (ipad or chromebook), Serial Number (on back of device)


    Wireless Network

    Chromebooks need to be on correct WiFi.

    • Students Chromebooks need to use sausd199
    • Chromebooks should never be on the sausdlearns network. Sausdlearns is only for approved BYOD devices, parents, and guests.
    • Teacher Chromebooks/Devices should be on SAUSD network
    • Wrong network will cause many problems


    Google Accounts

    Sausdlearns accounts are used to login in Chromebooks and access many of the google features.

    • Student username: Six digit ID number followed by sausdlearns.net  Example:  123456@sausdlearns.net
    • Student password: 2 digit month, 2 digit day, 4 digit year 
    • Accounts will be reset when teacher/students are locked out



    Students can log in to their google drive and  print via the computers in the computer lab. 


Last Modified on December 20, 2018