Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Tangram                                                 1, 2, 4, 6

    Writing for Art                                       5/4-5/8


    Essential Question/Concept?

    What new shape can I make with my pieces?  
    What interesting story can I write to go along with each?



    5/4/15  I need to get my pieces glued down in the shape I want.

    1.      must use all seven (7) pieces (from same picture)
    2.      pieces must touch
    3.      pieces do NOT overlap

    [Story goes on a separate piece of paper... will be typed up & then attached]

     5/5/15  I should have two (2) Tangram pictures complete by the end of the period.  Then, I work on my stories/paragraphs.
    5/6/15  This is the last day for glue.  At least two projects should be completed.  When I am done with those, I work on the stories to go along with them (at least one paragraph each).
     project paragraph
     1)  use all seven (7) pieces of the square picture
     1)  about your design/picture
     2)  pieces must touch
     2)  at least one (1) paragraph
     3)  pieces DO NOT overlap
     3)  separate piece of paper (in binder)
      4)  will be typed in computer lab & shared through Google Drive
    5/7/15  Today,  I work on my paragraph stories.  When I am done, I work on the vocabulary review worksheet.
    5/8/15  We are going to spend part of the time today reviewing the last Scholastic Art Magazine.  The other part of the class period, I can work on my paragraphs or review worksheet.




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