Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Art Paragraphs                                       1, 2, 4, 6

     African Masks                                      6/1-6/5

    New Artists

    Essential Question/Concept?

    Are my paragraphs done and turned in?  What can I learn about African Masks?
    What does an artist inspired creation look like?


    6/1/15  I can work on one of three things.
    1.  paragraphs to be turned in
    2. African Masks for extra credit
    3. Origami (if I don't need extra credit & my paragraphs are turned in)
    6/2/15  I finish my paragraphs first (add, upload from drive, turn in). Then, I can either work on the worksheet for extra credit or origami for fun.
    6/3/15  Today, we will complete our Tangram self-assessment and get our projects turned in.
    6/4/15  Today, we are going to create an automatic drawing due tomorrow.  Ms. Golden will go over the directions.
    1.  black crayon
    2.  draw lines on paper (don't look)
    3. color in different shapes with bright colors (only one color per shape)

Last Modified on June 6, 2015