Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Proportions: Face/Head                   1, 2, 4, 6

    Book Illustration                                       3/2-3/6


    Essential Question/Concept?

    What is involved in illustrating a book?

    Where do the parts of a face/head go?


    3/2/15  Today, I need to try and complete the worksheet for the corresponding issue of the Scholastic Art Magazine.  I can work with an adjacent neighbor but not copy or tell answers.

    [begin on any page, but get the work done right]

     3/3/15  I have today in the computer lab to try to finish the Scholastic Art Magazine worksheets.  I need to use my time efficiently.  

    [I can work with someone but not just share answers]


Last Modified on March 3, 2015