Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Paper Folding                                        1, 2, 4, 6

    Origami  SPACE                                   3/30-4/01


    Essential Question/Concept?

    How good a crane can I make? 
    What other origami can I make?
    How is space used in art?


    3/30/15  Today, I need to try to make at least three (3) good cranes.  My test is on Wednesday.

     3/31/15  Today, I need to complete the worksheets that go along with the Scholastic Art Magazine issue about the use of SPACE. Whatever I don't finish is homework due after the break.
    (4th period, take the survey first)
    4/1/15  Today, I will take my origami crane exam. One crane must have the print side out, the other a colored beak.  If I have time after, I can work on completing the Scholastic Art worksheet.




Last Modified on April 1, 2015