Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

                                                                   1, 2, 4, 6

    Writing for Art                                       5/18-5/22

    Jasper Johns & Symbols

    Essential Question/Concept?

    Are my paragraphs typed up in Google classroom or at least shared with Ms. Golden?
    Who is Jasper Johns and how do I create my own symbol?



     5/18/15  My paragraphs should already be typed and shared or turned in through Google classroom.  I need to use the information from the Scholastic Art Magazine to complete the worksheet about Jasper Johns and symbols.

    5/19/15  This is the last day I have to finish my Jasper Johns worksheet.  We will correct it tomorrow.  If I finish that, I can work on any incomplete assignment.


     5/20/15  Today, we are going to correct our Jasper Johns worksheets.  If there is extra time, I can study the answers. 

    [a test is in the near future]
    5/21/15  After we finish correcting the Jasper Johns worksheet, we will begin a new assignment.
    5/22/15  I should have my worksheet (symbol) done by Tuesday when I walk into class.     [test is on Tuesday]
Last Modified on May 22, 2015