Topic/Objective                                                  Beginning Art

    Tangram                                                 1, 2, 4, 6

    DFRSB                                                   4/20-4/24


    Essential Question/Concept?

    What type of picture can I make from my Tangram pieces? 



    4/20/15  All my pieces should be cut and ready to go.  One picture will be a person.  The other can be anything else.

         1)  must use all seven (7) pieces
         2)  pieces must touch but NOT overlap
         3)  glue pieces down on colored construction paper
         4)  write a paragraph story to go along with each piece of artwork
     4/21/15  I should be working on my designs.  We start gluing on Thursday. I draw my designs on paper so that I don't forget them.  I can also begin to work on my stories.
    4/22/15  Today, I need to focus on lines, line direction & relationship; draw from the right side of the brain.
    4/23/15  We are going to do another drawing from the right side of the brain.
    4/24/15  We are going to make some artistic observations about color use in an animated movie.  [list the main color associated with each of the following characters]
    Rapunzel               Mother Gothel                 Flynn                Bad Guys                Pascal




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