About me

A Quick Introduction and Mission Statement:

My name is Mrs. Esquivel-Krause and I will be your Art teacher for this year. I hope to encourage, inspire, and create a passion for art within my classroom. Students will develop an appreciation for the fundamental elements of art, while using these elements to explore their own artistic abilities. By using a variety of teaching methods, you will learn how art is rewarding and a special outlet for your creativity!

I've always had a passion for teaching and art, so this is a perfect combination for me. I know this enjoyment shines when I teach. I went to CSUF for my B.A. and credentials, obtaining this education offered me such a great experience! Something new- I'm a mommy!! My daughter is now one and going into her toddler period. She is walking, running, and talking! I love her so much and everyday I look forward to all her hugs and smiles. I love my family, friends, painting, drawing, reading, traveling, and Bunnies! When I'm not working, you'll find me spending time with my family and/or being artsy!