Digital ARt  


    Digital Art Course Description

    Welcome to a Year of Art! 

    Alesandra Esquivel-Krause

    Lathrop Intermediate School 

    Email: Alesandra.Esquivel@sausdlearns.net


    The Art Course Description:

    This class is a one-year introduction into the world of Digital art and a preparation for higher level visual arts courses. Students will learn basic elements of art and principles of design through the use of digital art programs. We will still explore with pencil, tempera, colored pencil, and acrylic to create two-dimensional art works. Students will learn the value of digital art and how it impacts them each day. Learn a set of principles guiding the work of other artists and artistic movements. Students will make decisions based on a developing knowledge of drawing, the elements and principles of design, art history and personal meaning. Various programs will be explored as a way to create and engage in creative tech activities. Students will develop and create an original digital art portfolio. There will be a modest exploration of careers in the visual arts. As our world develops, so do we.


    Classroom Rules & Expected Student Behavior:

    • Always Follow Directions- Pay Attention to instruction and follow the art classroom procedures
    • Be Respectful- to teachers, peers & materials
    • Be on Time- no unexcused absences or tardies
    • Be Prepared- bring Materials, Utilize class time
    • Positive Attitudes
    • No Forgery or Plagiarism (No using or stealing someone else’s work)
    • No Cell phones during class or work from other classes
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Remain seated unless given permission by the teacher to be out of your seats. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself. Use appropriate language, tone and voice level.

    I strongly believe in maintaining a positive learning environment and may assign consequences such as teacher detention, call a parent, request a parent conference, assign classroom service, change a student’s seat, submit an ODR (Office Discipline Referral) and/or lower a student’s Classroom Behavior Grade. 

    General School Policies


    It is the student's responsibility to be present and on time every day to each class. Following any absence, the student must bring a note written and signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office before school in order to obtain a readmit slip. Parents/guardians should call the Attendance Office whenever a student is absent. Please telephone the 24-hour absence line: 714-567-3317

    *Teachers are not obliged to accept work from students with unexcused absences or truancies. *Unexcused absences may lower a student’s grades due to work missed. Students are accountable for work missed due to absences. 


    The school day begins promptly when the tardy bell rings. Students who are tardy to school will report to the Front Office for a Tardy Slip. Your name will be sent to the Student Services Center: Habitual tardiness to classes will lead to disciplinary action which can include any or all of the following consequences: lowering of behavioral grade, after school detention, Administrative Detention, Extended School Day, Saturday School Program (WIN), Parent Conference, Student Study Team (SST), School Attendance Review Team, and/or Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). Students are expected to be in class before the tardy bell rings. Students who are tardy will be marked tardy. Students who are on time to class benefit from the opening lesson, starter activity, and show respect for their education and towards their teacher and peers.  We encourage you to be on time to class and engage in instruction from bell to bell.


    During class time, all students must have a Hall Pass, signed and dated by a staff member, whenever they are out of class. The only Hall Pass that will be accepted is the one on the student agenda.

    10 / 10 RULE:

    No students are allowed to be in the hallways going to the restroom within the FIRST 10 or LAST 10 minutes of each period. This is PRIME Learning Time! 

    Academic Integrity:

    All students are expected to complete their work ethically, honestly, and as directed by their teachers.  Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) copying another student’s classwork or homework, cheating on tests, and plagiarism; these are serious offenses that inhibit the educational process, and they will not be tolerated.  Students who are academically dishonest may see their grades reduced and their citizenship marks affected.  All school and department policies regarding Academic Integrity will be followed.


    Completing Assignments, Grading, and Due Dates:  

    Artworks are assigned with a variety of time lengths allowed for completion. You will always be given expectations/requirements and a due date. The objective will list exactly what the teacher is looking at when determining your grade. Your artwork needs to be completed on time. Late work will be given a lowered grade.

    Students tend to work at different speeds and may need to work on their artworks at home, spend additional time outside of class, or in the art room. If you are a student that works quickly and completes assignments early while meeting the requirements, you will work on a series of artworks (a group of visual responses) for each assignment, or set a more advanced goal.  For art projects, if your artwork is not done by the assigned due date, then you must complete the assignment before the end of the progress period if you would like to receive credit. The two exceptions to this rule are the last artwork and the final artwork of each semester. Neither of these will be accepted after the due date. 

    Students will be asked to work on their unfinished projects outside of class. Homework is not to be done during class time. Students will be asked to draw, collect photographs for reference or other printed images, and complete research. 

    Always stay in open communication with me, the teacher, regarding how you feel you are progressing with your artwork.


    Artwork/Projects/homework (Our rubric will include your knowledge, skills, participation in class discussion, effort/time management, and writing) = 60% In class work, ex: sketchbook, activities = 40%


    Extra Credit:  

    A list of extra credit opportunities is available on the class website. 

    Other extra credit opportunities may arise throughout the year.

    Lathrop Intermediate School Honor Code 

    Positive Behavior Intervention Support Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe


    Esquivel’s Classroom Management and Expectations

    General All around

    • Always Follow Directions- Listen to directions
    • Pay attention to instruction- follow along with me
    • Positive Attitudes
    • No cell phones- unless using for access canvas/zoom
    • Use Appropriate Language, tone, and voice level- Written and in ZOOM
    • Be Polite 
    • Appropriate clothing- uniform
    • Be Prepared! Have your materials ready for class- Charge your Chromebook DAILY- each night
    • Be Respectful- to ME, PEERS, and yourself :)
    • Routines- Meetings each day, same time for your period, Wednesday- Modified 
    • Raise your hand if you need assistance
    • Ask for permission to go to the restroom so you can use the pass
    • Communication is KEY! Please let me know if you are having trouble-WIFI, Chromebook, programs etc. Emails, ParentSquare, GoogleVoice etc.

    Turning in your assignments online and on Time

    • Modules and Nearpod are to be turned in on Canvas
    • Drawing Instructions- Use your Chromebook camera to take a Photo of YOUR Artwork and it’ll save automatically to your computer. Submit that file to me- on Canvas or occasionally email. 
    • I strongly believe in maintaining a positive learning environment and may assign consequences such as teacher detention, call a parent, request a parent conference, assign classroom service, change a student’s seat, submit an ODR (Office Discipline Referral) and/or change a student’s Classroom Behavior Grade.
    • Once in the classroom, you will turn in assignments in person