• Ian Lutack

    Ian Lutack

    Department: Math

    Email: ian.lutack@sausd.us

    Phone: (714) 241-6410 ext: 68325

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    AP Statistics

    208/Check Aeries for meeting links


    Introduction to Data Science

    208/Check Aeries for meeting links



    208/Check Aeries for meeting links


    Introduction to Data Science

    208/Check Aeries for meeting links


    Introduction to Data Science

    208/Check Aeries for meeting links



    208/Check Aeries for meeting links

    Quick Facts

    Where am I from?

    Vista, Ca (near San Diego)

    Where did I go to school?

    Beaumont Elementary School

    Lincoln Middle School

    Rancho Buena Vista HS

    HS Diploma

    University of California, Irvine

    Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, Minor in Education, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Teaching Credential

    What do I teach?

    AP Statistics

    In AP Statistics students will learn how to properly collect and analyze data in order to make sense of the world around them and make informed decisions.  As with all AP courses, this class is rigorous and challenging, but rewarding due to how useful and applicable it is in the real world.

    Introduction to Data Science

    In Introduction to Data Science students will learn the basics of probability and statistics through real world campaigns and data collection, as well as a basic introduction to statistical computer programing in the “R” language.  This course is not an AP course, so it will cover many of the same ideas as AP Statistics, but will not be as fast paced or in depth.


    Algebra I

    In Algebra I students will learn the basics of functions and algebraic rules.  They will investigate the connections between different forms of a function including graphs, equations, stories, and tables.  

    What else am I involved in?

    Academic Decathlon Coach

    Quiz Bowl Coach

    Cheer Advisor 

    What are my interests outside of school?

    I love video games.  I currently play on my PC and my Nintendo Switch.  I have been playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XIV, and No Man's Sky most recently. 


    I love movies.  My all time favorite movie is "The Matrix."  Ask me anything about any movie and I will probably know the answer. 


    I love reading.  For the past year or two I have been listening to audio books while I drive and I have really enjoyed them.  Sometimes I think I'd like to be an audio book reader because it seems fun to do all the voices.


    I go to trivia comepetitions every week and love competing in them.  I enjoy being tested in random knowledge.  I guess that's why I am the Quiz Bowl coach!


    I also love outdoor activities as well.  I like hiking, mountain biking, camping, water sports, and basketball (although I haven't played in a while).