• San Francisco

    Brenda Ortiz

    Math Department - SDC


    Phone: (714) 241-6410 ext: 68339 


    Class Schedule



    Room Number


     Algebra Readiness 203 


    PREP 203 


     Algebra 1 Collaboration (Lutack) 203


    Algebra 1 206


    Conference   203 


    Athletics                        Softball Field

    Quick Facts

    Where am I from?

    South Gate, CA (Los Angeles) 

    Where did I go to school?


    South Gate High School (H.S. Diploma)

    Cerritos College (A.A. Degree)

    Upper Iowa University (B.A., Social Science) 

    Azusa Pacific University (M.S., Education)

    What do I teach?


    • Representations of linear, quadratic, and exponential relationships using graphs, tables, equations, and contexts.
    • Symbolic manipulation of expressions in order to solve problems, such as factoring, distributing, multiplying polynomials, expanding exponential expressions, etc.
    • Analysis of the slope of a line multiple ways, including graphically, numerically, contextually (as a rate of change), and algebraically.
    • Solving equations and inequalities using a variety of strategies, including rewriting (such as factoring, distributing, or completing the square), undoing (such as extracting the square root or subtracting a term from both sides of an equation), and looking inside (such as determining the possible values of the argument of an absolute value expression).

    What else am I involved in?

    Co-Head Softball Coach 

    What are my interests outside of school?

    My interest outside of school are to spend quality time with my family and friends.

    I love to travel, attend sporting events, and concerts.



    "Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story." - Josh Shipp
                                    Ms. Ortiz