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  • Dr. Hector Galicia -- Valleu H.S. Princial
    Dr. Hector Galicia
    Welcome to Valley High School, the school that offers you choice; the choice of 7 Small Learning Communities. We tend to call these small learning communities academies. Valley students have the opportunity to choose to learn in a thematic approach through Culinary Arts, Health Care (Medical/Dental), Automotive, New Media Arts, Global Business, Engineering, and the Anteater Academy (AP focus).
    These Small Learning Communities provide "small school" settings in a large comprehensive high school. Students take at least half of their classes with like-minded students in a small cohort and are linked in the small learning community to a small group of teachers. This creates an environment where relationships develop much easier and inhibitions about school anxiety can be reduced.
    Beyond the cohort advantages, the students benefit from other opportunities such as industry certification, work-based learning (internships), integrated instruction, business partners that provide access to a network of business professionals, leadership training and camps, field trips, competitions, the High School Inc. foundation that has supported Valley the past decade with financial support and organization of placing business partners in the classroom to teach soft skills and connect or expose students to the real world of work, and so much more.

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