• As our student population increases, so do traffic concerns.  To ensure the safe and efficient daily drop off and pick up of our students, we ask that the following procedures be followed:
    1. In the morning only, drop students off along the street curb on the school side.  DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF IN THE PARKING LOTS.  The drop off begins at 7:15 am.  Students and adults need to stay on the sidewalk and always use the crosswalk.  Remember that you can also park in the Portola Park parking lot located on Santa Clara and walk through the park.
    2. If you park across the street and want to meet the students who ride with you, please meet them on the sidewalk in front of the school and walk them to your car using the crosswalks.
    3. After school, please be sure to use the appropriate line of cars along the curb in the parking lot.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR!  This is a loading and unloading area only.  Unattended cars cause traffic jams and danger to others and you can receive a traffic ticket.  Pick up for K-3 is at the curb inside the parking lot.  Pick up for 4-5 and their younger siblings is the street curb.
    4. If waiting along the street or parking lot curb, continue to move your car forward until the children can be dropped off or picked up.  DO NOT DOUBLE PARK OR SEND OR SIGNAL CHILDREN TO GO BETWEEN CARS.  Look for other cars behind you before pulling away from the curb.
    5. Do not turn left to enter the front parking lot or when leaving the lot before or after school.
    6. Respond positively to request or direction from teacher or supervisors.  They are there to ensure the safety of your children.  Please do not honk to signal children to come to your car as we need to be respectful to our neighbors.
    For student safety:
    1. Drive cautiously and slowly when approaching the school, entering and leaving the parking lot and driving on neighboring streets before and after school.
    2. Do not park or block school or neighboring driveways, or make U-turns at corner or in neighboring driveways.  Both Catalina and Portola Streets go through to Wright Street, with easy access to 17th or Santa Clara Streets.
    3. Be sure to walk children across the street at the corners.  DO NOT let children cross alone or call to them to cross the street on their own to get to their rides.
    4. Be sure you are close to the curb and at a complete stop before allowing children to leave or enter your car.

    REMINDER:  Our traffic procedures are for everyone's safety and an official part of the policies covered in the Parking and Traffic Agreement signed by students and parents.  Continual violations could jeopardize students' enrollment.  Please sign the bottom portion of the Parking and Traffic Agreement and return it to your child's teacher.

Last Modified on April 22, 2016