• Breakfast and Hot lunches are available at school each day, including milk.  A lunch menu will be sent home each month.  
    A meal application will need to be completed (one per child) for the current school year.  A lunch application will be sent home.
    It is against district school policy for any parents or volunteers to sit or eat with any students in the lunch area.  Fast food lunches can not be eaten in the lunch area.  Students who receive fast food will sit at another location other than the cafeteria area and may bring a friend. If you would like to eat fast food with your child, you need to come into the office, sign them out and take them to the park to have their lunch. Food is not permitted in the office area.
    In addition, if you drop off a sack lunch to your child after the day has started, you will need to drop it off on the table located near the front gate under the umbrella.  The office can help direct you to the location.
Last Modified on November 2, 2018