• At the beginning of each school year parents sign the following parking and traffic agreement:
    1.  In the morning if I use the drop off system, I will drive slowly and cautiously through the line.  I will make sure all doors are unlocked, homework is signed, and lunch money has been given to my child before entering the drop off line.  I will not use my cell phone until I have exited the valet line and driven safely away from the school.
    2.  If I do not use the drop off line, I will not allow my child to enter school property unattended by dropping them off in the street behind the school, Portola park, or any street in front of the school.
    3.  In the afternoon, I will pick up my child/children from school designated areas.  I will not: 
    • park where the curb is painted red
    • park in the staff parking lot 
    • cut in front of other cars
    • block a driveway
    • turn around in a driveway or the street
    • double park
    • leave my car unattended in the loading and unloading area of the school
    4.  I will respect the staff and supervisors at the crosswalk and drop off line.  I will not use profanity or any type of rude behavior.
    5.  I will use the crosswalk at all times.  I will not cross in front of traffic or in the middle of the street or allow my child to do so.
    6.  I will not litter on the school property or on a neighbor's property.
    7.  If someone other than my child's parent/guardian brings my child to school and/or picks them up from school, I will ensure they understand the rules of this agreement.
Last Modified on April 22, 2016