• Every tardy counts(whether excused or unexcused) on the student's permanent attendance record and records will be kept in the office.  Parents will receive a letter notification after 3 tardies.
    • After the 5th tardy a Student Success Team (SST) meeting will be scheduled with an administrator/facilitator.
    • After the 7th tardy, the student will be formally placed on probation.
    • Ten tardies in one school year is considered extremely excessive and the student may be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) at the District level.
    • If probation is violated, and there are 11 tardies, the student will be transferred to the neighborhood school or other school of parent choice.
    • Since state funding is based only on actual student attendance in school, all students are expected to attend school every day that they are well.  Students are expected to remain at home only if they are visibly ill and/or contagious.
    • After 5 absences the student will be required to bring a doctor's note for each absence.  An SST meeting may be scheduled.
    • A letter of probation may be given for excessive absences with a possible referral to SARB.  The school may also send the school district attendance representative for a home visit.
    • Consideration will be made for a student who has an extended absence due to illness such as chicken pox, mumps, or more serious diseases.
    • Chronic absences may require the SST process (see above).
Last Modified on April 22, 2016