• Supervision will be provided in front of the school until 2:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and until 2:00 on Wednesday (Modified Days).  It is important that all students are picked up on time.  Be sure to call the office at 714.972.6700 as soon as possible if there is a problem causing you to be late picking up your child.  THE OFFICE CANNOT PROVIDE SUPERVISION FOR YOUR CHILDREN AFTER SCHOOL.  PLEASE PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN ON TIME.  Students will be monitored as part of our attendance agreement.
    Students who walk home after school need to pick up a Walk-Home Pass permission slip from the office and have it filled out by a parent.  The principal will sign the original and a copy will be given to the student.  This copy needs to be in their backpack at all times.  The student will need to show this copy to the supervisors after school so that they may leave the school campus and walk home.
Last Modified on April 22, 2016