• Misbehavior in Classroom or on Playground
    • Students will receive an oops slip to be signed that night by a parent and miss recess for misbehavior in the classroom or on the playground.  Unsigned oops slips count as missing homework.
    • After the 5th oops slip for inappropriate behavior a Student Success Team meeting with an administrator/facilitator will be scheduled.
    • After the 7th oops slip for inappropriate behavior the student will be placed on behavior probation.
    • If probation is violated, and there are 11 behavior bench slips, the student may be transferred to the neighborhood school or other school of parent choice.
    • Direct violation of the State of California Education Code 48900 will result in immediate Home Suspension.
    • Consideration will be made for Special Needs students as appropriate according to their IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan.
Last Modified on April 22, 2016