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    Second Trimester Benchmarks

    Concepts of Print
    1.1 ID front and back cover of a book and title page
    1.2 Follow words from left to right and top to bottom
    1.3 Understand printed material provides information
    1.5 Distinguish letters from words
    1.6 Recognize and name Upper and Lower case letters

    Phonemic Awareness
    1.7 Track and represent the number of phonemes in a word
    1.8 Track words with 2-3 sounds
    1.9 Blend words
    1.10 ID rhyming words
    1.11 ID 1 syllable words
    1.12 Track words in a sentence
    1.13 Count syllables in a word

    Decoding and Word Recognition
    1.14 Match consonant and vowel sounds to appropriate letter
    1.15 Read simple one syllable words
    1.16 Understnad that if a letter changes the word changes

    Vocabulary Development
    1.17 ID and sort common words in categories
    1.18 Describe common objects and events

    Structural Features
    2.1 Locate, title, table of contents, name of author and illustrator

    2.2 Use pictures and context to make predictions about story
    2.3 Connect to life experiences the info and events in texts
    2.4 Retell stories
    2.5 Ask and answer questions about story

    Narrative Analysis
    3.1 Distinguish fantasy from reality
    3.2 ID types of everyday print materials
    3.3 ID character, setting and important events

    Organization and Focus
    1.1 Use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences
    1.2 Write consonant-vowel-consonant words
    1.3 Write by moving from left to right, top to bottom
    1.4 Write upper and lower case letters independently attending to form and spacing

    1.1 Understnad and follow one and two step oral directions
    1.2 Share info and ides, speaking in audibly complete sentences

    2.1 Describe People, places  things, locations and actionsw

    2.2. Recide short poems, shymes, and songs

    2.3 Relate and experience or creative story in sequence

    Sentence Structure
    1.1 Recognize and use complete, coherent sentences when speaking

    Read bookmark

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