• Welcome to Jiji!
    Jiji is a Math program that can also be done at home.  This is a fun interactive program where they learn Math skills at their pace.  When they are having trouble Jiji, a penguin, will drop back and re-teach them the skill they are having difficulty with.  I passed out a sheet that explains how to load Jiji onto your computer at home.  Your child was assigned an 8 picture password that is automatically linked to their name. They have been practicing this password since we started computers so hopefully they will be able to remember.  If they cannot there are icons for you to click on to help get them started.  These are passwords assigned by the program and I do not know each child's so I cannot help you with what their icons are.  You will be prompted to type in their name and choose Kindergarten and my name to find their unique icon.s  Have fun!
    There is now an app for the ipad so your child can do Jiji in the car or anywhere!!  
    Step 1: Search "ST Math: School Version" in the App Store and click install.
    Step 2: Click on app and in the "School Code" line write in: TAF75I (use capitals and the last letter is a capital i not a number 1) and in the "Password" line type in: HJ4KWJ52 (use capitals again!)
    Now your ready to go.  Your child will use the same password they do at school.  Have Fun! 
Last Modified on July 15, 2013