• Lexia
    Lexia is a reading site that we do in class.  It will practice letters, sounds, blending, parts of a word, syllables, and beginning reading.  This is a great site to have access to and you can do this at home as often as you like.  It is better to do in at least 30 minute increments. Click on the link below and use the following information to fill in so you can download onto your computer. Please remember to let your child do the work and even if they ask try not to tell them the answer but help them just figure out what to do.  The program will scale back and rework any areas they have issues in so it really does not help them if you are sitting with them doing it with them.  I know one of the very few activities you need to let them fail to succeed.
    Have fun!
    I passed out a sheet on how to load Lexia on your computer at home.  If you have any problems or questions you can contact our
    Computer Tech
                         Maritsa Barajas                                 
      Phone: (714) 550-1400 ext 41425
    Your child will use their student ID number for their username and password.
Last Modified on August 23, 2015