• Language Arts Benchmarks
    3rd Trimester
    corky w/clipboard
    Concepts about Print
       -front, back cover and title page of a book
       -read/track from left to right and top to bottom
       -understand that books give information
       -understand that sentences are made up of words
       -distinguish the difference between letters, words, and sentences
       -upper and lower case letters
    Phonemic Awareness
       -sounds for letters
       -understand that changing one letter in a word changes the word
       -blending sounds to make words
       -beginning and ending sounds of a word
       -count sounds in words and words in sentences
       -count syllables
    Decoding and Word Recognition
       -read simple words and high frequency words
       -when letters change, the sound changes too
    Vocabulary and Concept Development
       -sort words that are alike
       -talk about everyday things
    Reading Comprehension
       -read and understand grade level appropriate material
    Structural Features of Informational Materials
       -know what the author and illustrator do
    Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level Appropriate Text
       -can make predictions
       -can make connections in reading
       -retell stories
       -answer story questions
    Literary Response and Analysis
       -read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of children's literature
       -difference between non-fiction and fiction
       -know different kinds of writings: books, magazine, newspapers
       -know characters, setting and events
       -write words that are legible
       -use letter wounds to write about things they know
       -write simple words (CVC)
       -write by moving left to right and top to bottom
       -write using upper and lowercase letters neatly and space in between words
    Sentence Structure
       -use complete, clear sentences when writing
       -spell words by using letter sounds and spell some sight words correctly
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