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    Language Benchmarks  
    Concepts of Print
    -ID front and back cover of a book and the title page
    -Follow words from left to right and top to bottom on a printed page
    -Understand that printed materials provide information
    -Recognize that sentences in print are made up of separate words.
    -Distinguish letters from words
    -Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet

    Phonemic Awareness
    -ID rhyming words with oral prompt
    -Tract auditorily each work in a sentence and each syllable in a word

    Decoding and Word Recognition
    -Read simple one syllable and high frequency words

    Vocabulary and Concept Development
    -ID common words in basic categories
    -Describe common objects and events in both general and specific language

    Structural Features of Informational Materials
    -Locate the title, table of contents, name of author, and illustrator

    Comprehension and Analysis of Grade Level Appropriate Text
    -Use pictures and context to make predictions about story
    -Connect to life experiences the info and events in text
    -Retell familiar stories
    -Answer questions about essential elements of a text

    Narrative Analysis
    -Distinguish fantast from realistic text
    -Identify types of everyday print (book, magazine, newspaper)
    -ID characters, setting and important events

    Organization and Focus
    -Write by moving from left to right and top to bottom
    -Write upper and lower case letters independently, attending to the form and proper spacing

    -Understand and follow one and two step oral directions
    -Share info and ideas, speaking in clear complete sentences

    -Describe people, places, things (size, color, shape), location and actions
    -recite short poems, rhymes, and songs
    -Relate an experience or creative story in order

    Sentence Structure
    -Recognize and use complete, coherent sentences when speaking                                                                      

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