• Math Benchmarks

    yay turtleFirst Trimester

    1.1 Compare two or more sets of objects and ID which set is equal to, more than, or less than the other

    1.2 Count, recognize, represent, name, and order a number of objects up to 10.

    1.3 Know that the larger numbers describe sets with more objects in them than the smaller numbers have 1-10.

    2.1 Use concrete objects to determine the answers to addition and subtraction problems

    1.1 ID, sort, and classify objects by attribute and ID objects that do not belong to a particular groups, sort by color

    1.3 Name the days of the week

    2.1 ID and describe common geometric objects (circle, triangle, square, rectangle)

    1.2 ID, describe and extend simple patterns by referring to their shape, sizes or colors
    AB pattern

Last Modified on January 11, 2011