• Olympics reach


    1st Trimester
     Week 1 - the, of, and, a, to                                                                 
    Week 2- in, is, you, that, it   
    Week 3- he, for, was, on, are  
    Week 4- as, with, his, at,be
    On week 5 we will review the words from week 1 and 2.
    On week 6 we will review the words from week 3 and 4.
    For the remainder of the weeks until the final test we will review all 20 words.
    The final Olympic test is
    study study study!
    Corky on side  
     Olympic Assembly will be
    Parents are Welcome and encouraged to attend to cheer for your child.


    We are going to have  a great time learning words so start looking at books and see what you can read. We will be having an assemblies throughout the year to celebrate their success.  They will be given 5 words a week to learn and then re-tested on those 20 words for the month.  Each trimester has 20 words and then at the end of the year they will be tested on all 60 words so don't throw out your lists and continue to review the previous trimester words.  They will be working towards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons at the trimesters and Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for the end of the year.  Good luck!

Last Modified on August 23, 2015