• Math Benchmarks
    3rd Trimester
    Number Sense
       -understand relationship between numbers and quantities
       -compare two or more groups of objects and can id which group has the same, more, or less than other groups
       -read, write, and count numbers and objects up to 30 and put them in order
       -know that larger numbers describe groups with more objects and smaller numbers describe groups with fewer objects in them
        -understnad and describe simple additions and subtractions
       -use real objects to figure out the answers to addition and subtraction
       -estimate strategies in computation and problem solving that involve numbers that use the ones and tens place
       -recognize when to estimate
    Algebra and Functions
       -sort and classify objects
       -put objects in groups by deciding the ways they are alike or different
    Measurement and Geometry
       -understand the concept of time and units of time and how to measure it (length, weight, capacity)
       -compare the length, weight and how much objects will hold by comparing them
       -know about time and meaning of time words (morning, afternoon, evening, today, yesterday, tomorrow, week, year, clock, and calendar)
       -know the names of the days of the week
       -tell time to the nearest hour and average times of day when things occur
       -ID common objects in environment and describe the geometric features (shapes)
       -name and describe objects such as circles, triangles, square, rectangle, cube, sphere, and cone
       -name and describe flat and solid objects by things they have in common
    Mathematical Reasoning
       -make decisions about how to set up a problem
       -figure out how to solve math problems and what they need to solve them (objects and pencil and paper)
       -draw my answers or use objects to solve them
       -solve problems in reasonable ways and justify their reasoning
       -explain answers to others using drawings or objects
       -solve problems and check my answers to make sure they are correct
Last Modified on October 3, 2011