• Lathrop Intermediate

    Class Syllabus 2022-2023


    Teacher Name: Marissa Flores

    Classroom: 108a

    Phone Number: (714)-567-3300 ext. #52008


    Email (anytime): marissa.flores1@sausd.us

    Grades: Your student will earn a Pass/Fail grade for Language Arts, Social Science, Science and Math. Achievement will be measured on progress of IEP goals. They will earn a letter grade for PE, which will be based on attendance and participation. 

    Curriculum: Curriculum used in the class is Unique Learning System (ULS) and News-2-You (N2Y). More information on ULS and N2Y can be found at www.n2y.com. Each month there will be a new unit theme which includes chapter books, new vocabulary, math lessons, cooking lessons, and life skills lessons. 

    Class Schedules: Your student will remain in classroom 108 for the day (Period 0 (CP)-Period 6), and transition to General Education PE (3rd Period), assisted by Paraprofessionals. If your child is to attend or is currently attending any additional classes/Electives, this has and will be discussed during the IEP and will be a team decision.

    Progress Report Dates: Progress on your child’s IEP goals will be sent home in December and May.

    Community Based Instruction (CBI): TBA as the school year progresses

    Cooking: We will be conducting cooking lessons every other Friday. At the beginning of each month, I will send home a new calendar, with cooking dates labeled with the recipe we will be making. 

    Supplies: Students are provided with supplies at school. I will be sending home a Daily Communication Folder; please check for any daily correspondence or papers you need. Please be sure to place it back into their backpacks for school the next day.