• Lathrop Intermediate

    Class Syllabus 2023-2024

    Teacher Name: Marissa Flores

    Classroom: 108a

    Phone Number: (714)-567-3300 ext. #52008

                                (657)-333-8669 (Google Voice Number)

    Email (anytime): marissa.flores1@sausd.us

    Grades: Your student will earn a Pass/Fail grade for Language Arts, Social Science, Science and Math. Achievement will be measured on progress of IEP goals. They will earn a letter grade for PE, which will be based on attendance and participation. All 7th graders will take their Physical Fitness Tests this school year; this includes running the mile and completing different exercises, which will be administered by their PE teacher. Some students will be attending additional classes outside of our classroom in which they will earn a letter grade. Students attending these classes have been approved of by their parents, current teacher, and subject matter teacher.

    Curriculum: Curriculum used in the class is Unique Learning System (ULS) and News-2-You (N2Y). More information on ULS and N2Y can be found at www.n2y.com. Each month there will be a new unit theme which includes chapter books, new vocabulary, math lessons, cooking lessons, and life skills lessons. 

    Class Schedules: Your student will remain in classroom 108 for the day (Period 0 (CP)-Period 6), and transition to General Education PE (3rd Period), assisted by Paraprofessionals. If your child is to attend or is currently attending any additional classes/Electives, there has been or will be prior discussion to their schedule changes.

    Homework: Students receive daily homework, except on Friday’s. Students will be assigned Spelling each night in preparation for a Spelling Test on Thursday/Friday. Students will be given an oral Spelling Test on Thursday, and if they receive 100%, they will not be given a written test on Friday, plus no homework for that evening. If they do not receive 100%, they will be given a written test on Friday. NOT ALL STUDENTS WILL BE TAKING A SPELLING TEST; this is based on the student’s individual needs. Students will also be receiving at least 2-3 additional pages of homework along with their daily Spelling. Homework is based on what is completed in class and students are familiar with what is expected of them.

    Progress Report Dates: Progress on your child’s IEP goals will be sent home in December and May.

    Community Based Instruction (CBI): TBA as the school year progresses. 

    Cooking: We will be conducting cooking lessons at least twice a month, unless we are completing Art projects or Science Experiments. At the beginning of each month, I will send home a new calendar, with cooking dates labeled with the recipe we will be making. If you would like to make a donation to go towards supplies for cooking, it would be very much appreciated.

    Supplies: Students are provided with supplies at school (pencil box, pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens, erasers, white board markers, white board erasers, scissors, glue sticks). If you would like to donate any supplies, I will send a list of materials we use in the classroom.

    Communication: I will be sending home a Daily Communication Notebook; please check for any daily correspondence or papers you need. Please be sure to place it back into their backpacks for school the next day. I have also provided my email and Google Voice number.