Writing Expectations

  • The Common Core State Standards address the types of writing that college- and career-ready students are expected to produce.
    Three types of writing are described:
    • Writing to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. This type of
    writing is called “opinion” writing in elementary school.
    • Writing that explores a topic and conveys ideas, concepts, and
    information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content.
    • Writing that develops real or imagined experiences or events and includes
    descriptive details and well-structured event sequences.
    Middle school students are also expected to write the following:
    • Summaries
    • Research
    • On-demand writing – This type of writing is completed in class in a limited amount of time.

    To help your child master sophisticated writing skills you can:

    • Ask to see your child's assignments to check their writing.
    • Have your child keep a journal or diary to write their thoughts.
    • Give your child time to practice writing with their siblings.
    • Allow your child opportunities to write about their day to share with you.
    • Review the Middle School Writing Handbook to help your child on their writing assignments.




Last Modified on September 2, 2016