How to Access the Internet at Home on a District Chromebook

    These instructions are after you've connected to your home wireless networks 
    1.   Open a Web browser, type google.com into the website address bar & click ENTER
    2  The first time you use your Internet from home, you will see the screen below.
         It is important to complete the step in order.  
     A.  Click the "local users" drop_down arrow and choose "students"
                6-digits Student ID number.  
                The password is the student's DOB (mmddyyy). For example, if July 4, 2015,
                 is their date of birth, then their password is  07042005
     C.  Click "Browse the web"
    • The login process above will open up internet access from home for 6 hours.  After 6 hours you will need to login again.
    • This procedure works only if you have your own Internet service at home. Be sure you are connected to your home wireless network before logging in. 
     Here's how to connect your Chromebook to your home wireless network:
     Chromebook How to Connect to WiFi - YouTube