It is the student's responsibility to be present and on time every day to each class. Following any absence, the student must bring a note written and signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office before school. Parents/guardians should call the Attendance Office whenever a student is absent. Please telephone the 24-hour absence line:


    The Attendance Office is open every morning before school. If a student does not bring a note, or if his/her parent/guardian has not called, the absence will be unexcused and the parent/guardian will receive an automated phone call home from the District.

    The State of California recognizes the following types of absences:

    o Excused/Illness: Student illness, medical & dental appointments, and attending the funeral of an immediate family member (parents, siblings or grandparents).  Please make every effort to made medical & dental appointments for after school so that the student will not miss out on instructional time.

    o Non-illness-excused: Observance of religious holiday, court appearance, or family emergency.

    o All other absences are un-excused. Truancy is an unauthorized absence from school or a class period (an absence without the parent’s/guardian’s knowledge or permission.)

    The following measures will be taken if a student has too many absences:
     Students will be put on a Daily Attendance Contract.
     Parents will be required to attend a conference at the school with the counselor, assistant principal and/or other personnel.
     Parents will be required to meet with the district attorney (if the problem continues);
     The student and his/her parent/guardian will be required to attend a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) hearing;
     The student and his/her parent/guardian may be cited to go to court. The court process may result in monetary penalties

    Please also note:

    After a student is absent three consecutive days, the student may be required to bring a doctor’s note. Absences for reasons other than those listed above are considered unexcused.
    Teachers are not obliged to accept work from students with unexcused absences or truancies.
    Unexcused absences may lower a student’s grades due to work missed. Students are accountable for work missed due to absences.




    The school day begins promptly when the tardy bell rings. Students who are tardy to school will report to the Front Office for a Tardy Slip. Your name will be sent to the Student Services Center:


    Habitual tardiness will lead to disciplinary action which can include any or all of the following consequences: Administrative Detention, Extended School Day, Saturday School Program (WIN), Parent Conference, Student Study Team (SST) and/or Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).