• To All Physical Education Students:

    Please be safe! Wash your hands, take precautions daily, Stay Calm and Carry On!

    Although these are scary times, I am comforted by Maya Angelou's words. "Every storm runs out of rain." This too, shall pass. And finally, be reminded that kindness, respect, hope, integrity, friendship, laughter, teamwork, and courage are also contagious.

    As we are about to embark into uncharted waters, let us embrace love and compassion, let us embrace mindfulness and self-care, and let us embrace our common humanity in navigating our journey together.


    Thank you,

    Mendez PE Staff


    Delgado Students: Check Google Classroom

    Rains Students: Check Google Classroom

    Wozniak Students: Check Teacher website and Google Classroom

    Glenane/Madeline Students: Please Participate in the Physical Fitness Activity Log, and check out the Resources



    Physical Education Activity Log and Resources

    (March 16-April 13)


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    Mendez Physical Education

    Use this activity log to track your physical activity. Please use the reference sheet to give ideas of activities you can do at home.






    Day 1: March 16th

    20 Push-Ups. 20 curl-ups. Walked outside for 30 minutes.

    45 minutes

    Day 2:





















































    Home Fitness Resources


    Websites: YouTube

    Click on links in the next column for workouts


    Visit youtube and search home workouts kids

    Moe Jones Workouts

    Kidz Bop 34 Minute Dance Along

    Kidz Bop 30 Minute Dance Along

    HIIT for Kids

    Yoga Videos

    Fitness Blender 25 minute workout

    NFL Play 60 Click link for training videos GoNoodle

    Click on the links in the next column for a wide variety of videos



    Fitness Apps- Ask Parents for permission to download Go Noodle Android and Apple, free version Nike Training Club Android and Apple, free version Yoga For Kids Daily Fitness Android and Apple, free version

    Video Games/DVD Use what you have...WE ARE NOT asking you to buy these Wii Wii fit, any sports games, any dance games Xbox 360 Any sports/activity games, any dance games Playstation Move Any sports/activity games, any dance games Any Dance Dvds Zumba, hip-hop, latin dance, etc Any Workout Dvd Cross fit, beach body, Shaun T, etc

    Home Fitness Resources


    Cardio Exercise Home Fitness Equipment (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, etc.)

    Make sure you have Parent/Guardian permission before completing most of these exercises. This is for your safety! Have your parents show you how to use fitness equipment if you have these at home. Don’t jog/walk/bike ride/hike without supervision from an adult. Jog/walk, bike ride, Hiking, Housework, Jump rope Jog in place

    Strength Exercises-Curl ups, squats, planks, lunges, push ups, jumping jacks, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, reverse push ups, burpees

    Flexibility-Butterflies Hold each stretch for a minimum 20 seconds up to one minute.

    Sit and Reach stretch, pretzels, power rangers, toe touches, flamingos 

Last Modified on March 31, 2020